Younique Foundation Review: Your Comprehensive Guide to their “Ultra-Thin” Formula

It’s always a magical feeling for women being able to make herself feel beautiful through makeup. With every stroke of the brush and every flick of the wand applicator, it makes every woman feel like she can conquer anything she sets her heart out.

Thankfully, beauty brands always advocate in providing women that exact feeling through their products. Not only that, brands aim to produce quality products that meet the standards and expectations for both the industry and its market.

And in the business of making women feel happy and empowered one brand is slowly emerging in the market and wishes to bring that kind of experience to their consumers. The name of the brand is Younique–and here’s what you need to know about them.  This is our Younique foundation review.


Younique: The Beauty Company with a Cause

Like many brands nowadays, they try to make a lot of noise online through different social media platforms and websites. Younique products use that premise to make their name known.

However, this beauty company is more than just your ordinary beauty product provider. Their brand also serves a purpose that’s far greater than selling quality products for every woman.

Founded back in 2012 by a brother-sister tandem, Melanie Huscroft, and Derek Maxfield envisioned a company that goes beyond selling makeup and making a big profit. As the founders slowly built the company to what it is today, they always make sure to promote their advocacy.

It is their mission to advocate for women’s self-esteem and empowerment all over the world. Through beauty, they wish to see women be uplifted and inspired in a way that they could. Most of all, their dedication to bringing products that they can always trust is always part of the equation.

Not only that, this inspiring and purposeful beauty company extends its advocacy to The Younique Foundation–an organization run by Shelaine and Derek Maxfield. In partnership with this charitable organization, the company gets to expand its reach to a specific demographic.

This non-profit organization reaches out to women who are survivors of sexual and child abuse. They advocate for these young women’s hope and healing as they move forward with their lives.

From there, Younique Products aims to mirror the foundation’s direction that would reach out to every woman regardless of their circumstances. That said, the company now exists with more purpose than ever before.

Younique Foundation Review – Products and Specifications

Among the company’s known beauty products are its foundations. Perhaps their most popular foundation available today is the Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation. To get to know more about this product, here’s what you need to know.

With many brands of liquid foundation that are on the rise in the market today, the drive to bring the best formula matters the most. And as far as formula is concerned, the Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation is known for being “ultra-thin.”

It boasts a weightless and buildable coverage on your skin and sets to a powdery and soft finish. When it is applied to the skin, this combination promises a breathable and comfortable experience for all.

Not only that, this formula blurs one’s imperfections such as pores and wrinkles. Because of this, the skin ends up glowing and youthful.

Currently, this Younique foundation comes with 19 shades that match different skin types and colors. It comes with a dropper type of applicator and stored in a premium-like matte bottle.

Having known mostly through social media, the product is regarded or popularly known as “Liquid Gold” or “Photoshop in a Bottle.” It is often easy to apply and is known to not require a lot of touch ups as the product aims to last throughout the day. In terms of price, each bottle costs $39 each.

Finding the Right Shade for You

As part of their mission to be a friend to women all over the world, Younique provides a wonderful guide for the customers when choosing the right product to buy for them.

Along with that initiative, the company shares a quick guide for customers when choosing the right shade of foundation is perfect for their skin tone. This is something that consumers will truly appreciate.

Here is a quick guide for customers.

First, it’s important to determine your complexion range. It is mainly either light, medium and dark. Second, get to know your undertone. This is going to be between cool, warm, and neutral undertone.

Most women don’t usually know what their skin’s undertones are. Well, if you get burned easily, you have a cool undertone but if you just get tanned easily, your skin has a warm undertone. If you both get tanned and burned easily, then you have a neutral undertone.

From there, you can find the shade that fits your skin type and undertone based on the chart shared on the company’s website.

Pros and Cons

Like all other beauty products, this Younique foundation variant has its own highs and lows. Brands, whether they may be big or small, always have some drawbacks on some of their products.

After all, you can’t please all of the consumers in the market. Also, each potential customer has their own predisposed preferences when it comes to choosing their products.

For you to weigh in whether the Younique Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation, here are some of the product’s pros and cons.


  • Lightweight formula
  • Varied shades available for different skin tones
  • Guides customers in choosing the right shade
  • Easily blendable


  • Price range
  • Doesn’t always work on oily skin
  • Doesn’t have enough skin tone or shade available

In a nutshell, beauty products do not always have a one-size-fits-all guarantee and this product is no different.

If one would look at it, the product’s ability to carry more than ten shades available is a great advantage but it’s also a huge drawback as we see many brands nowadays that sell foundations with more shades to choose from.

However, the brand stays true to its word for aiming to deliver a product that feels comfortable on the skin. Not only that, their products represent a much greater cause.

What People Are Saying

Younique foundation reviewAccording to reviews, the foundation definitely has a demographic that swears by the effectiveness and reliability of the product.

Some say that they found the perfect shade for the skin and some would also praise the product because of its formula. Other than that, some customers also did not have a satisfactory experience with the product.

Customers think that the foundation did not blend and work well with their skin type–that it was runny, thick, or oily. Others would also say that the price is not affordable for every potential customer.

In the end, the product has its unique and effective selling points. Not only that, their company works with a sister charitable institution that supports a wonderful advocacy.

Overall, it should be known that beauty products won’t always please everyone. Perhaps, it confirms the old adage that tells people that to know if something is worth it, one must see or experience it for his or herself.

In Choosing the Right Products for You

When it comes to beauty, it’s always a matter of going for what works for you. It’s not a secret that all beauty products are not entirely a one-size-fits-all agenda. Our skin comes in different types and color. Therefore, it’s not always a guarantee that it will have the same look and feel for everyone.

For you to know if a certain beauty product is worth a try, you must look into some key factors that will make or break them. In choosing trusted and reliable products, here are a few factors that you should consider before you begin your beauty haul.

Comfort – Of course, beauty should not be painful and uncomfortable. If there’s anything that beauty should remain to be, is that it should not feel like a burden. So in choosing products, always look for comfort–those who won’t do damage to your skin as much as possible.

Affordability – Affordability doesn’t always mean that the cheapest available product in the market is always the best. It means that these products should be priced at a reasonable rate and that you get the kind of quality you paid for.

Accessibility – When looking for beauty products, you should go for the ones that you can always rely on. Sometimes, we look for products out of need. Therefore, it’s important to put trust in products that can help you fulfill that need.

Innovative – It’s also a great factor when a product is not afraid to innovate. Consumers admire a brand that constantly reinvents itself for the better and for the satisfaction of its market.

In the end, these factors will surely guide you whenever you decide on whether or not you should by a certain beauty product. When it comes to Younique, putting your trust in their products will all depend on your decision so be sure that it’s going to be worth it.

If you’re thinking about giving Younique foundation and all its other products a chance, everything can easily be purchased online on Amazon or through their official website.