Why you should only do one set to failure

There are many that think only doing one set of exercise a day can help you build muscle faster. The set has to have perfect form and you need to do it until your muscles can’t possible do another rep. We call this “one set to failure”.

Muscle – Hole Analogy

Imagine your muscle as the ground. When your lifting weights your
digging a hole into the ground. The first thing your body does after
the workout is to replenish, aka fill up the hole. After the hole is
filled up then it will start the muscle building process, aka more
dirt on top of the original hole or a mountain.

When you do too many sets all your doing is making the hole
deeper and deeper making it harder for you to gain muscle because all
your growth resources are going towards recovery of filling the hole
back up.

Make the Smallest Hole Possible

Something people dont understand is , is that you dont want to make
a deep hole. You want to make the smallest hole possible. That way
you can recover quicke and the hole gets filled up . You grow more
doing one set because the body only has to recover from one set and
the body has more left for muscle growth, aka the mountain on top of
the dirt.

Muscles Need To Recover

Have you ever done a lift and then a week later you can’t even go up
by a single rep? Of course. That means you haven’t even recovered
after a whole week. Think about that. Haven’t even recovered after a
whole week. Can’t even go up a single rep. Really makes you wonder if
we don’t even even less exercise then we think.

The deeper the hole you make the less muscle and strength you will
gain. To gain muscle, you do have to build some kind of hole
otherwise the body has no reason to expand beyond it existing
capacity. The body gains muscle as a defense mechanism to prevent
against future assaults of the same workout.
The stimulus responsible for increasing size is the last rep of a set carried to failure, with the heaviest weight you can use in good form. Its that rep that digs the hole in
the muscle . After you do that one set , no other sets are needed.
You can now rest and let the recovery process begin and then grow
like a weed after you have recovered.

Good Volume Trainers Make Small “Holes”

Volume trainers grow for the same reason anyone grows. They dig a
hole in their muscles and then they recover from it and then after
they are recovered, then the muscle process begins. The reason why
many others have great success with hit training, aka
one set to failure is because we deeply understand the muscle growth
process and how to achieve it. Why waste time doing sets digging a
deep hole when you can do one set to failure training and grow even

Don’t Forget to Warm Up

If you do one set to failure training you may be amazed. Some people say they didnt
grow from it. Well thats because its not one set to failure. Its
warmup sets and then one set to failure with the heaviest weight you
can use in good form and then the next workout, in order to grow you
have to go up in weight and or reps . You can’t gain muscle by
getting weaker. You must get stronger, . I didnt say powerlift, i
said get stronger, aka going up in weight and or reps.

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Do you understand now why one set to failure training makes many
people big and strong now?