The Health Benefits of Vasambu

Ask any Indian mom about vasambu and they are going to gush over its extreme usefulness. In fact, many Indian households are incomplete without this amazing herb in their kitchen cabinet. The health benefits of Vasambu are almost too numerous to name.

Ayurveda And Siddha Medicines Use Vasambu

Vasambu belongs to the acoracea family. It is of Asian origin and mostly used in Ayurveda and Siddha medicines. Recently many people have The Health Benefits of Vasambudiscovered the benefits associated with it and it is now grown in Europe too. There are many other names of this magical herb. In English, it is called sweet flag, Vach in Sanskrit, Bach in Hindi and vasambu in Tamil.

Vasambu Can Be Used for Stomach Aches, Colic or Indigestion

The Health Benefits of VasambuVasambu is a wonderful herb that has amazing medicinal properties. Known as Pillai Valarpaan (pediatrics medicine), it is said that the use of this herb will lead to growth of babies without illnesses. In India, it is used for treating a number of common ailments in newborn kids like stomach ache, colic or indigestion. Today we are going to discuss the health benefits associated with Vasambu and how you should use it, especially if you are a young mom.

Colic is a very common problem which is faced by infants and newborns. To treat this gas disorder, vasambu stick is burnt over a flame and turned to powder. This is mixed with two to three drops of oil to make a paste. This paste is applied daily to the belly button of the child to treat gas. Some also mix the powder with few drops of water or breast milk and rub a tiny amount on the baby’s tongue everyday. Other gastric issues like diarrhea and constipation can also be treated by this herb. Just mix some powder with honey and rub it on the baby’s tongue.

Health Benefits of Vasambu for the Young and the Old

Many young mothers swear by it as it ensures proper digestion of the food and milk in babies. Rather than giving orally, it is cut into small beads sizeThe Health Benefits of Vasambu pieces and tied around the wrist of the baby. A child has the natural tendency to lick things, so they gradually lick or smell the beads throughout the day. Besides promoting digestion, young mommies also believe that it will increase the mental and physical development of their babies.

Grannies in India report that even the smell of this herb can make your baby speak faster. To cure stammering and speech problems, it is used by many children. Even there are room fresheners with the fragrance of vasambu to promote overall health of the family.

For adults dealing with severe cold and cough attacks, this herb is greatly beneficial. Just consume a very small quantity of vasambu powder (ideally a quarter teaspoon) daily until the cold is cured.  There is some evidence that vasambu can help to reduce your eosinophil count.

Another great use of vasambu oil is for treating head lice. Unlike other products that contain chemicals, it is mild on the scalp, has no side effects and it is very easy to make at home. Here is a great recipe to make vasambu oil. Just burn the stick of vasambu over a flame and when it turns black, crush it into a powder form. Mix it with sesame oil. Warm the oil and massage onto your scalp gently. Leave it for over an hour and then rinse it with your usual shampoo. You will be amazed to see the results.