The Disadvantages of Green Tea

Over the years, green tea has earned a great deal of popularity for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer benefits. Many people consume it on a daily basis for weight loss or other purposes. However, all these advantages shouldn’t keep us blind to all the drawbacks of consuming green tea excessively. Yes, like everything, too much of green tea can be harmful for your body as well. In this article, we will highlight all these disadvantages so you can balance your consumption mindfully. Here, we take a look at the disadvantages of green tea.

Green Tea Isn’t Great On the TummyDisadvantages of Green Tea

Since green tea packs up a hefty dose of caffeine, it can increase the presence of acid within your digestive system, leading to stomach aches and nausea. Even though green tea has become increasingly popular for its anticancer benefits, several reports suggest that drinking excessive amounts of green can lead to stomach pain. This pain doesn’t have sinister consequences. However, it does cause discomfort in your day to day life.

Caffeine Drawbacks

The caffeine present within green tea is highly unhealthy for patients with a heart condition and hypertension. If you suffer from disorders and ailments that affect your central nervous system, or even an anxiety disorder, caffeine can mess up your symptoms and negative interact with certain medications. Pregnant women should also avoid consuming green tea to limit their caffeine consumption. Hence, you should monitor your caffeine intake, particularly if you have a problem that may be aggravated by it.

Green Tea Can Have Negative Impacts on Health Ailments

Disadvantages of Green TeaIn certain cases, consuming green can exaggerate the symptoms or progression of several disease, these include anemia, anxiety disorders, heart conditions and hypertension. If you suffer from glaucoma, consuming green tea can exert addition pressure over your eyes. Moreover, research reveals that green often tends to prevent the effective absorption of calcium within the bones, which happens to be the leading causes of osteoporosis. All this points to the fact that you shouldn’t be consuming green tea without proper research into your own health as well as knowledge about the benefits and disadvantages of green tea.

Anemia & Iron Deficiencies

Research reveals that excessive consumption of green tea contributes to the symptoms of anemia and iron deficiencies. Moreover, if you consume green tea after enjoy a meal rich in iron, it will cause the green tea to lose all its antioxidant properties.

Furthermore, when you consume green tea with iron-filled foods, EGCG, which is the main compound in green tea, loses its anti-inflammatory benefits, and begins to contribute to the symptoms of inflammation.

Green Tea Can Lead to InsomniaDisadvantages of Green Tea

Several researches have revealed that the caffeine doses present in green tea tend to contribute to the symptoms of sleeping disorders, sleeping troubles and insomnia. If you consume green tea after evening hours, it can stimulate your nervous system and mess up with your sleeping cycle. Pregnant and lactating women should steer clear of green tea as it will cause insomnia amongst the nursing babies through the breast milk.