The Chrono Diet

The chrono diet is a great option for people who love food but also want to stay fit. This diet is quite popular among young people today. So, what is different in this diet? In chrono diet you are supposed to eat at a certain time and to have an interval of minimum four hours between meals. The interval can go up to maximum six hours and not more than that. This diet does not restrict you from consuming calories, fats or carbohydrates, you are not supposed to limit your calorie intake however, dessert is not allowed in chrono diet. You can eat almost every food as long as they are eaten at the appropriate fixed timing during the day.

The Chrono diet divides your daily food intake throughout the day and forces you to eat your food on time and do not exceed the intervals between two meals.


Breakfast: The most important meal of the day

The Ideal timing for having breakfast on Chrono diet is around 9 am. Your breakfast should include carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Choose complex carbs and add Barley, rye and oats in your breakfast. Processed meat is also allowed in this diet such as bacon but in limited quantity. Fats are also important in breakfast as they take longer duration to break down. You can also have cheese, yoghurt and milk as a source of protein to give you energy.

It’s Lunchtime

The lunch is your main meal of the day on the Chrono diet. And lunch time should be around 1 pm because this time our body needs a break and requires energy to keep us going. Proteins and complex carbs should be a major portion of your lunch plate during chrono diet and you can have one large bowl of pasta, rice and other things made with complex carbs with meat. You can also have legumes, lentils and vegetable soups in your lunch time.

The Dinner

Most people have this bad habit of having dinner after 8 pm.  A large meal that late is really bad for the body. You should not eat just before going to bed so try and have your dinner around 6 pm while following the chrono diet. This is to make sure that all the food you had is digested before bedtime. There is no option for snacking after dinner so you have to full stop after your dinner. Your dinner should be lightest meal of the days and must include some vegetables. Protein should be the star of your dinner. You can have fish or chicken or other lean meats grilled or baked. You can have sides of salad and vegetables with it.


The chrono diet does not allow you to snack again and again so you can have snack only twice a day and that too with in specific time frames. The first snack can be a small fruit that can be eaten between 10-11 am and the other at around four pm. You can have some fruit or a piece of dark chocolate in your afternoon snack time.

The Chrono Diet In a Nutshell

To sum up the Chrono die: it can be said that eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. However, the water intake and the interval between meals is really important that can help us stay full and not feel hungry thus promoting weight loss.