The Best Types of Coconut Oil Brands

Coconut oil used to be consider unhealthy. Turns out it is great not only in cooking but is great to use on your skin and hair. Coconut oil brands differ greatly. Most brands still contain high vitamins, fats, and acids that are super beneficial both inside and outside your body.  We’ll review the types of coconut oil brands and their differences.

Everyone knows that coconut oil is great in cooking. It’s also no secret that it is an amazing hair conditioner and can help skin problems.  There are some that claim coconut oil is also fantastic supplement and can even help you lose weight.

If you want to buy the very best coconut oil, you are feeling probably little overwhelmed because of the hundreds of brands out there. And there seems to be new brands popping up all the time. To find correct one, you should look at brand types and some best brand reviews.

How to Choose the Best Coconut Oil Brand?

So many brands and so many options.  It’s nearly impossible to find the best one unless you know what your looking for.

Refined Coconut Oil:

Refined coconut oil can mean bleaching and/or deodorized. The oil comes from the meat of coconut called the “copra.” Some brands use chemical solvents to extract more oil from the meat of the coconut. As the oil is refined, it can bear high cooking temperature before reaching to its evaporation (smoke) point. There are many that argue that refined coconut oil is less beneficial to you because the more natural enzymes have been damaged in the refining process. And there aren’t many great health products that start with bleaching or harsh chemicals.

Unrefined Coconut Oil:

Unrefined coconut oil is commonly called virgin oil. Virgin oil means that no additives or chemicals have used to process the oil. If you are using coconut oil for your face, hair, or skin then unrefined coconut oil is the oil you are looking for.

Wet Milling: The Best Types of Coconut Oil Brands

The “wet-milling” process of producing virgin coconut oil extracts the coconut oil from a wet emulsion, or “coconut milk”. It does not press the oil out of dried coconut.

So which wet-milling process produces the highest quality virgin coconut oil? According to several studies, the fermentation wet-milling process, which uses heat, produces the highest levels of antioxidants in virgin coconut oil. The fermentation process is a simple technique of extracting coconut oil, much as has been done in people’s kitchens in tropical climates for hundreds of years.

During the fermentation process, a coconut milk emulsion is made from freshly grated coconut. Then the coconut milk is allowed to sit and ferment for a period of time, usually overnight. The heavier water sinks to the bottom of the container, leaving a crystal clear layer of oil on top, along with some coconut solids. This oil is then scooped out and put into a pan, like a large wok, and heated for a period of time until the coconut solids fall to the bottom of the pan. It is then filtered.

The Best Types of Coconut Oil Brands

1.Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:
This coconut oil meets all the criteria discussed above. It’s virgin and organic you can use it in anything you cook. If you are an organic believer (we are) this may be the best product out there.  I’m sure that it would work well on your face or hair but this is our go to cooking coconut oil.

2.Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil:
This is one of the types of Coconut Oil Brands that is strictly for your hair. Enriched with lemon and honey and other cooking oil properties. It goes through roots of the hair to give best results. We love it.  And it seems so do many on Amazon.

3.Virgin Coconut Oil by Sky Organics:
The multi-functional virgin coconut oil performs excellently in every field. If you need a type of coconut oil brand that works for cooking and for your skin/hair then Sky Organics has you covered.  This is the best type of coconut oil for both your skin/hair and to use in cooking.