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Fungal infections can be very hard to get rid of and debilitating at the same time. And undergoing any traditional medical antifungal treatments have their own range of side effects. Some antifungal treatments can take a long time and aren’t always effective.  A better solution is to adopt the natural antifungal remedies that can help the body heal itself and help protect you from fungal infections. There are a number of different teas available on the market and each has its own benefits. Antifungal tea is among the best way to rid your body of a fungus infection.

Fungal infections can manifest themselves in a variety of different symptoms. And for that reason it is best to treat the symptom of the infection, which in turn treats the cause. There are teas that are great to preventing colds and healing sore throats.  Other antifungal teas cure headaches. Others are good for insomnia.  Some antifungal teas help weight loss and heal skin problems. Here are some that have amazing antifungal properties to nourish your body and protect it against antifungal reactions.


Green Tea

Green tea is loaded with health benefits and is also probably the most popular tea on the planet. It has great antioxidant properties and is can helpful in losing weight. Green tea also has amazing antifungal properties. This variety of tea is used to treat skin problems such as inflammation and rashes. Drinking green tea or taking it in a pill form can also heal fungal infections as it is loaded with anti-oxidants and has antifungal properties as well.

Best Antifungal Tea - Black OolongTeaBlack and Oolong teas

Black and oolong teas have antioxidants compounds that are often associated with anti-fungal characteristics. They can help reduce inflammation and other skin problems along with persistent fungal problems such as yeast infection.

Pau D’arco Tea

Pau D’arco is the bark of a tree. It has many natural compounds that are good for the immune system and can treat infections. It is available in the Antifungal Tea - Pau D'arco barkform of a tea which is easy to find and easy to drink.

One of the most common fungal problem is a yeast infection. Pau D’arco bark has anti-fungal properties that can be useful to treat a yeast infection. The tea is made from the inner bark of Pau D’arco tree found in the Andes of the South American rainforest.  This tea should be consumed frequently. Three to four cups a day should tackle any fungal problems.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea has the best antiseptic and anti-oxidant properties and may be the best antifungal tea. Ginger can be used liberally on the parasite cleanse diet. It can be used in various forms as a root, in powdered form, and its extract can be used to make nice ginger tea. Ginger tea is widely used to treat and prevent colds. It is also a great pain reliever and it is said to have anti-fungal properties as well. Studies show that ginger extract is actually effective to prevent the growth of Candida.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is popular for its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Many simply drink it for its mild and pleasant taste. It is also a natural sedative and used to treat insomnia as well. You can use chamomile tea and enjoy its health benefits. Chamomile tea is available just about anywhere in the world.  If you really want it in its purest form then you can make your own tea using sun dried flowers. It is believed that chamomile tea can also help in treating fungal infections.

Make Your Own Antifungal Tea

You can make your own tea using herbs that consists anti-fungal properties such as turmeric, ginger, rosemary etc and enjoy the taste as well as the benefits of your own brew. Making your own tea is super simple – you just take your favorite ingredients and boil them 2 to 3 minutes. Add honey or lemon to add more taste to your organic homemade tea.

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