The 3 Best Types of Keto Yogurt

We all have busy lives.  And we frequently end up eating what is the easiest to find, rather than what is healthy. The pleasure of savoring a nice homemade meal has been replaced by convenience snacks, coupled with the increasing sweet-tasting foods addiction, leading to complete body disasters. To walk into a supermarket is to be stormed by a profusion of promises, aisle upon aisle.

Amazing Types of Keto YogurtMarketing plays a vital role in instilling mainstream habits.  I think we underestimate the tactics that Madison Avenue will use to play with guilt to encourage certain behaviors. At some point we all feel mortified about something.  Some of us want of time to spend with family.  Others want to work out. There are surely some out there that feel bad about failing  to recycle. This collective anxiety induces the quest for eating habits that can hopefully improve health, reduce animal meat consumption and save the planet.

Among those tendencies, we find the “going keto” trend. Their defenders argue that Keto is not a diet, it’s a way of life. Basically it means eliminating sugar, inducing a metabolic process, which makes the body work by making compounds called ‘ketones’. Ketosis doesn’t come from malnourishment of calories, but a starvation of carbohydrates. When the food you are eating does not provide enough carbohydrates for cells to burn and get energy, cells start burning fat instead.

To illustrate this, let’s pick up a typical example of a widespread breakfast food: Yogurt.

Yogurt is a very controversial subject for anyone discussing Keto-friendly foods, since it involves carbs, sugar and dairy.  Some say it is a very healthy food.  Others think it has too much sugar or fat.


The 3 Best Keto Yogurts

Here are three types of Keto Yogurt you might consider to give a try.

Dairy Keto Yogurt

Take a creamy Greek yogurt. Forget for a minute its nutritional label and focus on it as a healthy, high-protein product which can be included in a ketogenic lifestyle. While following a low carb diet, bear in mind you can consume higher fat foods because they burn more efficiently in the human body. It also helps to decrease appetite and promote feelings of fullness.  We think that if you have room in your diet for the fat content, dairy yogurt is a healthy keto snack.

Our favorite is Chobani Full Fat Plain Greek

Kirkland (Costco) Plain Greek Yogurt works as another greek yogurt that doesn’t suck.

Dannon Light & Fit is another great option to not knock you out of ketosis.

Soy Keto Yogurt

Soy yogurt that is keto friendly is obtained using soy milk, and just adding yogurt bacteria. It is suitable for Keto diets as the bacteria are usually not grown on a dairy base. Soy-based probiotics are live bacteria especially good for the digestive system. Nowadays, most soy yogurt manufacturers include certified labels, clearly visible on the packaging.

Other plant based yogurtsThe Best Keto Yogurt

As more people are diagnosed with lactose intolerance or becoming aware of animal product ethics, non-dairy delicacies are on the rise. Coconut or almond milk have plenty of probiotics and lack of added sugars. Those rich type of yogurts do not strip the fruit of any nutrients or saturated fats, keeping them natural.

Yogurt is a great food to incorporate into the diet, since it is rich in B vitamins and has cultured bacteria that are essential for digestion health. Going Keto may bring youmany benefits, helps with weight loss, boosting energy, relaxing anxiety and helping to focus, just to name a few. Go ahead and enjoy eating yogurt on a low carb diet!  We like the Worthy Super Blendies.

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