Preparation for Yoga

How do you prepare to start yoga?

There is no such thing as preparation and dedicated hardware of special tools before attending yoga.
Clothing, and wear those that do not tighten the body, including underwear, ready if much large bath towel and hand towel is complete.
Since the lessons of yoga is doing mostly barefoot, there is no special need to provide shoes and the like.

In the basic rules of when to receive the lessons of yoga.
Because just it is also easy to say that the rules, is fine without defensive.
■ lessons before meals refrain.
: When you do yoga in the state of full stomach, you may get sick.
■ I word refrain, eating and drinking is prohibited, cell phone OFF
: yoga is because it requires the ability to concentrate, performed in a quiet place.
■ Immediately after the bathing avoid
: You may get sick.
■ the preparation exercise before entering the pause
: cause of injury or failure. Always warm-up exercises.
■ If worse physical condition in the middle of a yoga, immediately abort
: Because you do the yoga for the health of the body, do not break the body in yoga.

Yoga is, because it is important to be at a pace of their own breathing, but does not adjust them to the pace of the others.
That in order to create a relaxed state also or use the music seems to be, but adjust them to the music and the word of command, not so good.

In addition, since those effects come balanced throughout the body by repeating the easy line method that appears by yoga, so as not to be hasty to expect the effect.

That up to this point, it is ready if you can understand would be almost OK.
Finally, the most important is the “frame of mind”.

Not only hone the body through yoga, the essence of yoga is to get it polish the inner surface.
This thing or not irreparable, quit be To dwell worry, all is to receive grateful to have been that he needs to grow, to think about the future inconclusive no matter how considered stop it, committed to it must be present, and future of thing is encouraged to entrust to their own nature.

By doing so, we hope if it is possible to the essence of yoga grab.