Pear Shaped Body Weight Loss

Meet two college students, Karen and Joanne.  For months they trekked across the Himalayas and Nepal and then throughout India and Europe.  Both ate the same food of the regions, not paying attention to calories. Yet lean and lanky Karen lost weight, while heavyset and fleshy Joanne gained ten pounds. “We walked everywhere together and we had basically the same diet throughout the trip,” complained Joanne, “and yet I gained weight and Karen stayed the same lean, skinny gal.” Pear shaped body weight loss comes down the type of body you have.  It is important to know what type of body you have to have the best shot at weight loss.

Pear Shaped Body Weight Loss – Know Your Body Type

Weight control varies with your body type. According to the Harvard psychologist Dr. William H. Sheldon, people fit into three basic body types (or somatotypes): ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs. Each body type has different needs, and you must learn to listen to your body.

  • Ectomorphs are lean and lanky. They are usually very thin and bony, with fast metabolisms and extremely low body fat. An ectomorphic person can generally eat like a horse without gaining an ounce.
  • Mesomorphs are lean and muscular. Persons of that type are naturally athletic. They can lose fat and gain muscle with relative ease when following a healthy eating and exercise program.
  • Endomorphs tend to have a slower metabolism. That makes weight loss more of a challenge than for the other types.  This is especially true if the person eats processed carbohydrates and highly fatty foods.  If they also fail to exercise, increased fat storage will make it difficult to lose existing fat.
  • Combined Body Types:  Many people combine two body types. The most common combination is a mesomorph-endomorph combination,

What body type are you?  It’s important to know as each body type has different needs, and the types and quantities of foods to eat will vary with your build.  While the ectomorph need never worry about weight gain, the active mesomorph will need to watch out for weight gain as they enter their forties. At that time of changing hormones, they will need to put more effort into exercise along with healthy eating. The endomorph, with their naturally slower metabolism, must watch portion sizes, carefully aligning with their fist size stomachs. They also tend to be insulin dominant and carbohydrate sensitive, and should take care to limit their carbohydrate intake, particularly refined carbohydrates, which act like sugars in their bodies.

Someone Who Has the Skinny Body Type May End Up With The Pear Shaped Body Type

No matter what body type we have, the need to focus on a healthy lifestyle is paramount.  As we grow older our hormones change. Our metabolism slows as a result. Someone who has the skinny body type may end up with the pear shaped body type. When we say pear shaped body weight loss we mean weight loss for someone with a slower metabolism. Pear shaped body weight loss is harder because that generally means the person normally has an endomorph body type which means a naturally slower metabolism. This person has the genes that would have survived hard times with our ancestors hundreds and thousands of years ago.  But the endomorphs have a hard time in this day and age.

Weight Loss Tips for those with the Pear Shaped Body

Picture Yourself Being Skinny – Stephen R. Covey calls it begin with the end in mind.

Plan out Every Meal – Every meal needs to be exactly planned out.  If you plan to skip meals or just plan to be hungry.  Your plan probably won’t work.

Make Breakfast your Biggest Meal – You have your whole day to burn off breakfast.  I’m not saying eat a Denny’s grand slam.  But if you are going to skimp on calories, don’t take too many from breakfast.  You’ll need your energy

Keep a Photo Diary of Everything You Eat – That what gets measured gets done

Use an Weight Loss App – Sam principle as the photo diary.

Try a Meal Replacement Plan – A protein bar is a great way to save a few hundred calories.  Plus it helps with the hunger and gives you much-needed protein

Set Up the Food Around You to be Healthy – Temptation will be serious for the pear shaped body.  Don’t make it harder.  Have healthy foods in your vicinity.

Find a Support Group or Motivated Friend – Pear shaped body weight loss is the hardest weight loss.  Don’t go at it alone.

Work Your Muscles – Muscles burn fat. Build them.

Get in the Pool – There’s a reason swimmers have “swimmer body”.  Not many things work you like a swim.  Plus the cooler water burns calories.

Consider Weight Loss Medicine – As a last resort consider medicine.  Those with a pear shaped body may have the deck stacked against them.  There are medications to help.  Talk to your physician.


Weight loss is a journey.  Let us know how we can help.



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