The Parasite Cleanse Diet Can Work Wonders for Your Body

Many are coming to realize how prevalent parasites are. There is ample evidence that toxoplasma has infected up to 60% of Brazil.  The effects of just this one parasite are crazy.  Luckily there are foods that can cleanse you from parasites, or at least help your body fight the parasites.  A popular diet to combat parasites is the parasite cleanse diet.

Harmful and dangerous parasites are living in the bodies of millions of people in the world. There is a way to remove these parasites from the body by means of natural, clean eating. Humans and parasites have been coexisting for thousands of years.  We haven’t always had drugs.  And sometimes drugs can do more harm than good.  We are grateful for the option of antibiotics when there are no other options.

Obviously, if you suspect that you have parasites living in your body you should do something about it. Some parasite symptoms include bloating, bad breath, mood swings, trouble sleeping, irritability, bad skin, allergies, and low energy.  There are other symptoms of course.

You can try out natural herbal remedies that are a good alternative and cleanse your intestinal tract.  Eating clean can also provide various wonders for your body. It is a fact that if you eat a healthy, nutritious diet with vegetables and fruits, it will boost the immune system and strengthen your resistance from human parasites that can cause harm to your body.

It is highly advisable that you stay away from undercooked and raw foods such as rare steaks and sushi. These are some of the biggest and most common sources of parasites that contaminate and infect the body.


Parasites Steal Vital Nutrients

Many kinds of parasitic worms consume carbohydrates and sugars. Limiting the consumption of foods that are high in sugar and processed food is always a good idea. Diets with high sugar content cause a wide array of problems.  There are lots of natural dietary remedies that you can try to eliminate human parasites.  You will find the parasite cleanse diet is more about eating non-processed, natural food than anything else.

The parasite cleanse diet is designed to eliminate worms and harmful parasites that live in your intestinal tract. There are many versions of the diet and they are very easy to find. You can practice a parasite cleanse program that will suit your preference and you do not have to spend a lot of money on it.

There are also some services and websites that are selling parasite cleansing products. But you should be aware that there are also many scammers that are selling fake products. These people do not care about your health and they only want your money. Stay away from these scammers so that you will not compromise your health and your hard earned cash.  Basically, just be wary of anyone that promises outlandish results in a very short amount of time.  I guess the advice could go for any type of diet.

Many Suffer From Diseases Caused by Parasites

Robert Sapolsky, renowned neuroendocrinologist believes that is possible for human parasites to be present in over 70 percent of the population of North America. Most of these parasites are transmitted in fish, meat, and even vegetables. They can also be spread by mosquitoes and pets. Contaminated water is also a breeding ground for parasites. There are also some parasites that can be transported in air particles and dust.

People who have a strong immune system can withstand and neutralize the parasites that enter their body before these parasites can even cause any major problem. The same cannot be said for people with weak immune systems. The elderly, young, and sick are most vulnerable to developing various diseases and illnesses caused by human parasites. Poor diet, stress, and even pollution can weaken the immune system even further, making it harder to combat parasites.

Once these parasites invade your internal organs, they will absorb the nutrients from your body. They will also release toxic waste to your colon and other internal organs. The worst thing about having parasites living inside your system is that they reproduce, multiply, and thrive making overall health even worse in the long run.

If you are suffering from diarrhea, constipation, or bloating, skin problems, and lacking energy you may be suffering from a parasite problem. Without getting on (sometimes) harmful parasites, a parasite cleanse diet is the first step to claiming back your body.

A Good Start To Your Parasite Cleanse DietParasite Cleanse Diet fruits and vegetables

The first thing that you will do is to increase the quantity of dietary fiber in your diet. Insoluble fiber tends to absorb nasty toxic waste that is in the body and flushes it out of your system. You can get fiber from fresh vegetables and fruits. Just remember that you should eat the whole fruit or vegetable. Juicing is the opposite of what we want.  When juicing a fruite, you remove all the fiber.

There is also the availability of fiber supplements that contain Psyllium husk which is one of the most absorbent fibers available today. Fiber is proven to expel parasites and help restore the natural balance and functions of the colon.

Don’t Forget About Your Vitamins

Your parasite cleanses diet should also include the intake of various herbs that help destroy these nasty creatures and flush them out of your body. By getting rid of these parasites you will feel more energetic in a matter of days. When you restore the efficiency of your digestive system you reclaim more of your internal battery. You must stay on the parasite cleanse diet for 2 to 3 weeks to truly clean your intestinal track.  You must remove all traces of these parasites or they will come back again.

Use Good Spices Liberally

Parasite Cleanse Diet cinnamon, oregano, cumin, garlic, and cloveThere are certain selected herbs/spices that can destroy parasites in your body. The main spices and herbs to fight parasites are cinnamon, oregano, cumin, garlic, and clove.  Notice something in common with these spices?  They are all very strong tasting!  And you should incorporate as much of them in your cleanse as possible.

While you are engaged in your parasite cleanse diet, it is very important that you avoid refined carbohydrates and sugary foods. It is also a must that you drink plenty of clean drinking water. 2 liters every day is a good start. You’ll notice that your body will crave water more on the diet as you flush out the toxin.

While doing your cleansing, it is normal for you to feel some detox effects, including skin breakout and dull headaches. This is a sign that your body is flushing out end expelling toxins.  But these effects should be very temporary.

A Colon Cleanse Isn’t a Bad Idea

Parasite cleansing is best done naturally. You can consume plenty of anti-parasitic foods and let nature take its course . It will also be helpful if you avoid foods that feed these parasites. By simply doing these procedures, you can eliminate any kind of parasite that is living inside you.

But if you aren’t as regular as you could be, a good ol’ cleaning of the colon is essential.  A healthy colon is essential in eliminating waste from the body. The colon and the large intestine are essential in the fight against parasites.  If your colon is clogged, it cannot eliminate parasites effectively. This is why colon cleansing should be your first priority.

We don’t recommend the crazy colon blowouts that others advocate.  Drinking laxative teas and drinking lots of fluids is all that is required. And this is only if you think that your body has waste in your system that it hasn’t discharged. The mayo clinic says that the average transit time for food through the large intestine is 40 hours, with significant difference between men and women: 33 hours for men, 47 hours for women.  If you are longer than this you should drink some laxative tea.

For you to prevent the building up and thriving of parasites in your system, it is important to avoid man-made foods. These include baked goods and processed foods.

What are Anti-Parasitic Foods?

Anti-parasitic foods help eliminate and destroy parasites that are thriving in the body. These kinds of foods create an environment that is undesirable Parasite Cleanse Dietfor them. When the parasites are irritated by the enzymes that  secreted by these kinds of food they die. These foods include, hot peppers, turmeric, ginger, cumin, garlic, cayenne pepper and other spicy foods.  Ginger alone can be a great anti parasitic and is one of the more popular antifungal teas.

Other anti-parasitic foods include, tomatoes, cucumbers, and pumpkin seeds. A small increase in these foods can do wonders. Replacing grains and processed foods with non-starchy vegetables is the most important tool you have. Another good reason to try the no rice diet. Foods that are fiber-rich help sweep the stomach and other parts of the digestive tract. Fiber helps eliminate toxins and other elements that do not belong there.

Healthy oils are also great additions to your parasite cleanse diet. These include pumpkin seed oil, castor oil, and coconut oil. These oils remove parasites from the tissues that are inside the body by providing a slippery surface. By combining all these foods in your diet, your body will be cleansed.

A Parasite Cleanse Diet is Different for Everyone

It is important to flush out parasites to have a healthier body. Parasites absorb and steal essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs in order to function properly.

By having regular colon and parasite cleansing, these nasty creatures will not have a chance to multiply and live inside your body. This will also boost your immune system and improve your resistance from various illnesses and diseases. As they always say “Health is Wealth”.

A parasite cleanse diet is going to be difference for everyone.  But it basically consists of high fiber fruits and vegetables and a refrain from starches, sugar, and processed foods.

A Typical Parasite Cleanse Diet

Like we have said numerous times, the diet is going to be different for everyone.  Here is how a couple of days could look when starting a cleanse.

Day 1

8 ounces of water
1 cup of fruit (apple, organce, melon, etc)
8 ounces of black walnut leaf tea
½ cup blueberries
2 Japanese Vegetable Pancakes with Cabbage, Kale, and Carrots
8 ounces filtered water
2 cups of salad (tomato, arugula, or other greens) with a simple olive oil and lemon juice dressing
lad with Butternut Squash
1 cup Swiss chard with olive oil
1 small banana
1 slice melon
8 ounces filtered water
1 apple
180 ml/6 oz. plain yogurt
¼ cup pumpkin seeds, raw or roasted
8 ounces filtered water
2 cups salad with a lemon juice and olive oil dressing
Brussels Sprout Salad with Dijon Mustard Dressing
½ cup steamed green vegetables (spinach or broccoli)
1 Cup Black walnut leaf tea

Day 2

Note: start your morning with 8 ounces of water
200 ml unsweetened almond milk or plain yogurt
Eggs and Vegetables, Fried in Coconut Oil
1 medium size pear
1 Cup Black walnut leaf tea
8 ounces filtered water
1 medium size grapefruit
8 ounces filtered water
Vegetable soup (beans, potatoes, carrots, onions, celery and peppers) made with bone broth
200 grams grilled chicken breast
150 grams’ dill pickles
8 ounces filtered water
Beet and carrot salad with lemon juice dressing
Parmesan Garlic Spaghetti Squash
8 ounces filtered water
1 Cup Black walnut leaf tea


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