Do Meal Replacements Work to Aid Weight Loss?

Many ask if meal replacements work to help you lose weight. A meal replacement could be a protein shake (think SlimFast, Premier Protein, Soylent, etc) or another healthy drink with less of an emphasis on protein.

And like all things in nutrition, it depends on the individual & the products they use. My cousin has had great luck with Premier Protein.

A healthy diet consists of several small meals. Since she don’t have time to stop & make meal every couple hours, she drinks one of these. The high protein satisfies her better than SlimFast did. If you have time, you can blend it with fruit & ice.

Make a Meal Replacement Instead of Buying One

I make my own with 4 ingredients (plus ice)

1 scoop (23g) Orgain chocolate or vanilla powder (75 calories)

12oz cold brew coffee (I brew a k-cup and let it sit in the fridge for a while if I don’t have cold brew on hand) (0 calories)

4oz cashew milk (13 calories)

some fruit if I use chocolate (25 or so calories, depends on the fruit)


a couple of taps of ground cinnamon (not cinnamon sugar) instead of fruit if I use the vanilla

Add some ice and blend… comes to like 88 calories for the vanilla/cinnamon and 110-115 calories for the chocolate/ fruit, for a big old cup (nearly fills my 24oz glass) and keeps me full for hours. That’s my go to for between meals and I get my caffeine fix to boot.

If you don’t have access to your own ingredients and blender, the Premier Protein premade shakes are really good, but they get expensive when you buy them that way.

Not Everyone Is the Same

“Don’t drink your calories!” seems to be popular advice here, but I wondered what you guys thought meal replacement shakes.

I often have difficulty eating during the morning/day due a mixture of anxiety and a medication that reduces appetite. In the past this has lead to one of two undesirable outcomes: 1) I hardly eat during the day and by the time night rolls around I eat everything in sight or 2) I force myself to eat during the day despite feeling sick and often have a hard time hitting 1,000 calories and getting important nutrients.

I’m also very busy and often on the go, so this week I decided to pick up a low-ish carb meal replacement shake to add in this week. It has only 190 calories for 10g protein and 5g fiber, and also provides me with a good chunk of vitamins/nutrients (iron, calcium, B vitamins, magnesium, folate, vitamin E, zinc, etc.) If does however have more cabs than I’d normally like (26g), 17 g sugar, and about 200mg sodium.

The main plus of is that I don’t feel any of the side effects at all. I can tell you that after taking Klonopin for 10 years. My sleep and complete mental state got a thousand times better than ever before. So no hesitations while using it.