Make PROPER Supplementation a Habit

Every animal and human being that dies of ‘natural causes’ actually dies of a nutritional deficiency! (This can be documented both chemically and bio chemically.)

Understand fruits and vegetables do NOT make MINERALS, they absorb them from the soil.

“One sentence that has killed more people than all the wars in American history… You get all the nutrition you need from the four food groups.”

However ‘Eating’ a multivitamin is no where near as beneficial as ‘DRINKING’ a daily multivitamin. Specifically liquid colloidal vitamins and minerals! See, just because you are supplementing does not mean your body is absorbing. Out of thousands of different kinds of multivitamins available today, only a handful are actually good for you!

Although they may be labeled ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ the vast majority of these pills are actually harmful to your health. Most supplements sold in the United States are made by the pharmaceutical companies…

These synthetic, petroleum or coal-tar based pills cause; malnutrition, toxemia, dehydration, acidosis and many more dangerous affects on the body…

Make PROPER supplementation a habit! You need these nutrients in your body every day: •60 minerals •16 vitamins •12 essential amino acids these are your protein building blocks. •2-3 essential fatty acids

If you do not have these nutrients in complete numbers and optimal amounts, over time you are going to get a deficiency disease. You also need to understand our soils are so overworked and overused, they were depleted long ago. They are basically worthless when it comes to delivering minerals to the consumer.

Today’s crops are grown on the exact same soil year after year for hundreds of years or more. The minerals are gone and barring a flood, they are not coming back.

Salt your food to taste. Salt does not cause high blood pressure and restricting salt will not reduce your risk of high blood pressure – in fact restricting salt will shorten your life and make your very short life miserable.

Higher sodium lowers blood pressure”- The San Diego Union Tribune, April 25 2017

Salt is the raw material needed to manufacture stomach acid. Stomach acid is hydrochloric acid that is necessary to digest food, ensure absorption of minerals, activate pepsin (protein digestive enzyme produced by the stomach) and activates the “intrinsic factor” necessary to absorb vitamin B12.

In April 1997, The Sodium Task Force reported that those individuals who restricted their salt intake to one gram per day had a 600 % higher rate of heart attacks than those who consumed more than two grams of salt per day.

“It’s not what you eat that kills you, it’s what you don’t eat!”

There is absolutely NO DISEASE associated with elevated blood cholesterol and triglycerides.

Doctors today still believe in the old failed theory that cholesterol is a bad thing!

Why? Because they get a kickback every time they prescribe a statin drug. These same statin drugs cause liver cirrhosis and make you go blind!

In addition to the kickback for prescriptions the medical industry in America spends well over $100 billion a year on TESTING for high cholesterol.

If you get told by your doctor that you have high blood cholesterol, DONT WORRY ABOUT IT!

The Inuit Eskimos run their blood cholesterol levels between 300-500 and they have the lowest rates of cardio vascular disease, strokes and heart attacks out of anybody else in the world.

Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone and Adrenal Hormones all require cholesterol as a raw material to make them. You also require cholesterol to maintain your brain myelin so you do not get Alzheimer’s disease.

Give your body what it needs and it will do amazing things


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