Please Don’t Try the Laxative Weight Loss Plan

We get questions from those that want to know if they can lose weight by taking laxatives. Laxatives are generally recommended by physicians to people with constipation issues. Although concerns have frequently been raised about their efficacy is losing weight, many want to know if there is a laxative weight loss plan.

Dr Oz had a show recently about laxative abuse. Dr. Oz addresses the growing trend of women misusing laxatives to lose weight. His interview with a woman who went from obese to anorexic just using laxatives will shock you.  He talked about the 4 types of laxatives and the ones that are the most dangerous.

The 4 types of Laxatives

Laxative Type #1: The least powerful laxative is a fiber-based laxative that bulks up the stool and helps it pass naturally through the digestive system.

Laxative Type #2: The next laxative type that is a little stronger are the osmotic laxatives that work by drawing water into the intestine and helps the stool move through quicker.

Laxative Type #3: A stronger laxative type is the stool softeners that make the stool soft and is used for people who are constipated and having difficult bowel movements.

Laxative Type #4: The strongest laxative type is the stimulant laxatives that actually irritate the intestinal walls forcing the body to expel whatever is in the digestive tract.

Folks desirous of losing weight use laxative in the form of pills, liquid form or as laxative tea. Laxatives act upon the big intestine to get act it to empty liquid and undigested food. The 4th type of laxative is the one that causes of the majority of health problems. Dr. Oz explains to viewers that stimulant laxatives actively irritate the bowels, which causes not only food and waste to pass through very quickly and forcefully, but canalso inhibits the absorption of nutrients. The suppressed nutrient absorption is why weight is lost so dramatically in people like who go on a laxative weight loss plan

The Laxative Weight Loss Plan is Dangerous

The laxative weight loss plan isn’t really a plan at all.  It is taking laxatives so that the body doesn’t absorb nutrients in the body.  You may lose weight but it simply isn’t worth the price of damage to your system.  A meth abuser can also lose weight.  But no one is thinks that is worth it.

The laxative weight loss plan is dangerous because taking too many laxatives winds up damaging the intestines.  This stops the intestines from functioning normally and the damage could be permanent. This intestinal damage then prevents your digestive system from working the way it should when you try to go back to a normal diet. Apart from the damage of the intestines the body learns to rely on the laxatives to stimulate the bowels.

The belief that laxatives are effective for weight control is a myth.  In fact, by the time laxatives act on the large intestine, most foods and calories have already been absorbed by the small intestine.  Although laxatives artificially stimulate the large intestine to empty, the “weight loss” caused by a laxative-induced bowel movement contains little actual food, fat, or calories.  Instead, laxative abuse causes the loss of water, minerals, electrolytes and indigestible fiber and wastes from the colon.  This “water weight” returns as soon as the individual drinks any fluids and the body re-hydrates.  If the chronic laxative abuser refuses to re-hydrate, she or he risks dehydration, which further taxes the organs and which may ultimately cause death.

So please don’t try the laxative weight loss plan.  There are easier and more effective ways to lose weight.