How to Stop Having Hunger Pains All the Time

Being hungry isn’t fun. If we’re on a diet we probably know that we’re going to be hungry at least some of the time. Others, especially teenagers still growing, seem like they are constantly hungry. Here are some suggestions on how to stop having hunger pains all the time.

Look for a meal with low GI. Brown rice with dal, or chili beans would be good. You can make a big batch, freeze it in portions, get a portion out each night so it is ready for the next day. Soup is wonderful, it fills your belly so that helps you feel full. Also a handful of nuts would probably work well.


Eat Fiber

A lot of what we normally eat (pasta, bread, etc.) won’t do much for our long term hunger. If you’re eating a lot of highly processed carbs your body will burn through quickly. What you want is less processed food, which will naturally have more fiber, and which will keep you full longer. Try to mix fiber-rich carbs with protein to stay full longer.

Foods with a lot of fiber include: whole wheat bagels, whole wheat bread, pasta, vegetables, fruits. If you are going to eat carbs make them complex carbs. Slowly introduce more fiber into your diet. Fiber is an incredible way to make you less hungry throughout the day. Focus on legumes, fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds and oatmeal. Introducing fiber slowly will prevent gas and bloating problems. You need roughly 25-30g a day.

100% whole wheat grains instead of enriched products can make a world of difference. Enriched products (white breads, white rice etc) break down at a faster pace causing you to become hungrier much quicker. Tip: check out the first ingredient on the food label, it should read whole wheat flour. Don’t be thrown off by labels that say wheat bread, it’s just a play on words. Typically the browner the better. Seeds are also great in bread, as they add more calories.

Eat Healthy Fats

Fats can stop just about anyone that has hunger pains all the time. Not fatty red meat, but healthy fats that are actually very good for you. We got trained to think that fat was bad, but it’s actually not. It is needed for our body to absorb a lot of vitamins and nutrients. Marketing just kinda screwed our thought process up a bit. Good fats are very much encouraged. Bad fats should be limited. Sugar should be controlled. If you aren’t hungry, then you have to look at more calorie dense foods.

Drink Lots of Water

Sometimes your body is actually begging you for water, which in turn can mimic the feeling of having hunger pains all the time. Water can also double up by increasing the surface area in your stomach by absorbing into the fiber. The vegas nerve will be triggered to tell your brain that you are stuffed.

Try Consuming Balanced macro nutrients At Each Meal

Chicken, fish, beans, lentils, eggs & dairy are great sources of protein and will help you feel fuller longer. But alone they may not be enough to squash hunger for too long. A more balanced meal can help slow down catabolism. That is why many have tried a no rice diet. Focus on poly and monounsaturated fats, limiting saturated fats to 7% of total intake, lean sources of protein and again whole wheat whole grains.

So, for example: an open faced grill cheese (in the toaster oven) on a whole wheat bagel with turkey slices for extra protein. My go-to quick meal is two slices of whole grain bread on a plate with sliced turkey and Gouda and a fried egg on each.

Avoid Sodas or High Caffeine Productshunger pains all the time

If you have hunger pains all the time make sure to avoid sodas or high caffeine products, as these will further dehydrate you. If you must consume them, introduce plenty of water into your diet.

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Serious Issues That Serious Hunger Pains Could Be a Symptom of

Not all hunger is created equal. If you find yourself with hunger pains all the time and have tried the above then you might have a more serious problem. If you are still experiencing pain, then it may be a stomach ulcer forming. Stress or anxiety can sometimes lead to over secretion of stomach acid, which causes pain. I’m not a physician, so I can’t issue medical advice. Other problems could include

a) Parasites.
b) Gastritis. A sudden hunger that feels almost like your stomach is trying to eat itself, like, you have an emptiness in your stomach that needs to be filled RIGHT NOW, is what I felt in the early stages of gastritis.
c) Diabetes. Insatiable thirst and hunger can be a symptom of diabetes.