Are Triscuits Good For You?

A party or a casual lunch in a typical American home is incomplete without the usual snacking of cheese, fruits and crackers. While walking down the aisles at the supermarkets searching for the perfect pairings, you are almost sure to find row upon row of crackers. And not all crackers are created equal. Triscuits are one the healthiest mainstream crackers you can buy. They are considered as America’s favorite low-fat food. With countless varieties of flavors, it is a difficult decision to make.


Are Triscuits Good For You?

Short answer – Yes, as long as Triscuits are consumed in moderation. There are a few different flavors of Triscuits and the majority of them have around 20 calories per cracker. That’s great if you only eat a couple.. But if you open a box in front of the tv and eat 20 crackers, we’re talking about an extra 400 calories..

Have you ever wondered what health benefits crackers have (if any)? I think many think that the standard cracker is just empty calories. Not so with Triscuits. Henry Perly, the inventor of Triscuits, claims them to be the most perfect food that was ever devised for the nourishment of mankind. Sure the inventory says that but are triscuits really good for you?

Triscuits contain whole fiber that can greatly reduce the risk of heart diseases, even protecting you from various forms of cancers. The whole grains present in these snacks slow down digestion and increase the metabolic activity rate, making your body perform better, lessening fatigue and reducing stress levels. Let us explore what are the benefits these absolutely delicious crunchy things have to offer and should they be in your home or not.

Other Possible Benefits of TriscuitsAre Triscuits Good For You flavors

According to the American Heart Association, increase in cholesterol in the blood levels is the primary cause of corny diseases like heart attack. One major advantage of Triscuits is that it is cholesterol and trans-fat free. So, you are really not compromising on your heart’s health when you nibble on these little crackers.

America is almost always the most obese nation in the world. Obesity poses serious risks to our health. Triscuits are low in calories and act as a great booster to lose weight. Only 120 calories are found in 28 grams of servings. So all you serious weight watchers look no further as Triscuits are here to satisfy your cravings. It should be noted here that lathering your Triscuits with cheese will roof up the calories. So this combination should be avoided, no matter how divine it tastes.

Fiber Is Important – Triscuits Have It

Triscuits are also a favorite among people who complain of digestive issues. Triscuits contain 3 grams per serving of dietary fiber. This makes it quite friendly for your tummy and gut flora. Dietary fibers are the indigestible portions of the food that pass through the digestive tract. These insoluble dietary fibers ease us in defecation and reduce the onset of constipation or hemorrhoids.

Are Triscuits Gluten Free?

Although we think Triscuits are a healthy snack they are NOT gluten free. Those with gluten sensitivity should steer clear of Triscuits.

Non refined Grains

You must have heard about antioxidants. They fight damage to cells protecting us from cancer and other diseases. Research has found the presence of polyphenols in the outer layers of the whole grains which are a type of antioxidants. Triscuits are made from grains that are not refined and are therefore must treats to have.

Another advantage of is that it not only improves sexual function but also has a positive effect on self-esteem and increases self-confidence. It was found that the optimal erection hardness achieved with Viagra positively correlates with emotional well-being and satisfaction with the results of treatment.

All these health benefits make Triscuits a great choice for snacks and there are so many other ways to have Triscuits. They can be toasted, crushed and mixed in with salads, soups or meal bars. Crushed and sprinkled over vegetables or your favorite casseroles or just be eaten as they are. So, the next time you buy a pack of these crackers be assured that you are making a sound health choice. Happy munching!