The 40 Amla Benefits That Demonstrate It’s The Mother Earth Tree

Amla is a tree that grows mostly in Nepal and India. It is deciduous and considered sacred in India. It is also referred to as the Amla Indian gooseberry tree. Its fruits are rich in a variety of nutritional components. They are light green with a hard seed inside. From the outside, you can easily distinguish it since it has six vertical stripes. Its word is derived from the Sanskrit word “amlaki” which means “the sustainer”.

For centuries people have known the indian gooseberry has many benefits. Amla powder can be used as a hair product and a skin-toner. Its rich content of amino acids helps give you a glowing skin. You can search its skin benefits all over google, there are about a million testimonials.

alma benefits for hairMany households have traditionally known the great benefits of amla juice also. If in India, you must have seen many hair products such as amla shampoo that boast of amla properties. The best way to avail the amazing benefits of amla is by consuming amla or by applying the natural amla extract directly on your hair.

Alma juice has immense benefits, and it’s easy to prepare. The tree also produces oil after processing allowing you to avail the other benefits of amla. Indian communities, in particular, makes use of this oil in almost every aspect of their lives. You can use it has a hair oil too. For those struggling with weight loss, worry no more, Amla juice will be a better option for your compounding calories. The Amla benefits are numerous, but we are going to expound on a few and list the rest.


Amla powder for hair

It is easy to extract powder from Amla fruit by drying it in the sun. You can also use the leaf extract just like olive leaf extract to avail both benefits simultaneously. The good thing about Amla is that heating or drying it does not reduce the nutritional value in any way. The powder can be used in a variety of applications including but not limited to keeping your hair in good condition. Amla is a great ingredient in hair shampoos and oils. Some of the benefits it gives to your hair are.alma powder for hair

  1. It strengthens the hair follicles due to its high level of fatty acids.
  2. Stimulates hair growth by maintaining the scalp in its optimum condition; It prevents drying and clears itching.
  3. Clears all dandruff
  4. Helps to keep the hair straight
  5. Prevents split ends that inhibit hair growth
  6. Prevents premature hair loss and graying since it has plenty if Vit C.
  7. When mixed with henna powder, it helps the hair to maintain the color for longer.

Amla juice benefits for the skin

The skin benefits of alma are one of the reasons the fruit is so popular. Amla juice has various names like the magic potion, the juice of immortality, the sustainer, Mother Nature juice and many other names. However these names might sound exaggerated, Amla juice benefits the skin and is just a single element of its long list of health benefits.

Amla juice benefits for the skin

Amla juice benefits for the skin can be outlined as follows:Amla Benefits

  1. Lightens the skin
  2. Clears pigmentation and skin discoloring
  3. Clears acne, pimples, and other skin infections
  4. It exfoliates, cleanses, and promotes the growth of new skin cells.
  5. It’s a great anti-aging product.

These Amla juice benefits for skin are derived through a process and working together of various components enhanced by Amla benefits. The derivation and causal effect are explained below:

Amla has a cooling property, and this makes it ideal for almost any skin disorder. It’s among the top natural immune boosters for the human body. As you know, skin infections are caused by germs. With a strong immune system, chances of having the skin infections are low. Also, alma juice helps to moisturize the skin, and this is a natural way that the skin uses to cleanse itself.

Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory

Amla juice derives from the Amla fruit and thus drinking it is a good remedy against a myriad of diseases. More so, its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are important for a healthy looking skin. Its high nutritional values also ensure that there are enough nutrients for healthy skin development.

Amla BenefitsIt helps in the digestion process especially in breaking down proteins which can take a long time to digest. It also prevents constipation, reducing the risk of colon diseases. Alma juice also neutralizes the acidity in the stomach to create the best environment for all the digestive enzymes to perform at optimum levels. This ensures efficient absorption of nutrients that helps in nourishing the body system including the skin.

Alma juice has shown to lower the fat content in the body. This reduces the amount of fat deposited on the skin. High levels of fats around the skin cause stretch marks and can be a source of allergies which can, in turn, lead to the development of skin inflammations and infections.

Amla oil benefits

Traditionally Amla oil preparation involved immersing AMLA fruit in base oil or mixing its powder with the essential oils of choice. The base oil can either be for cooking oil, hair treatment, skin ointment or any other purpose. While technology has made it simpler to extract Amla oil, there are some who still use the traditional methods, and they work too. You can also use the rich fruit extract as a substitute.

Amla benefits which are directly related to its oil

  1. Reduces head pain and induces sleep. For effective results, massage the scalp with the oil. This also helps in night blindness and bilious giddinessalma oil weight loss
  2. The high antibacterial properties of Amla oils make it one of the effective treatments of fungal infections that mostly affect the skin.
  3. Its high antioxidant capacity makes it an ideal base to clear the free radicals that form naturally in the body and prevent oxidative damage.
  4. The antioxidant properties makes it useful for reducing the risk of cancer as well.
  5. It lowers blood LDL cholesterol due to its high fatty acids. These help in maintaining good health of the cardiovascular system as well as maintain a good level of blood pressure
  6. It has a ooprotective effect on blood cells and reduces blood toxins for effective detoxification.
  7. It strengthens the immune system due to its high antibacterial properties. Clears almost all signs of aging, no wonder it is called tree of immortality. Amla oil also reduces blood sugar and helps control diabetes. Reducing blood sugar also works to improve the general health and helps control weight.

Amla juice benefits for weight loss

Drinking Amla juice has a plethora of benefits. Obesity is a real thorn in the flesh for most humans in recent times. This is mostly attributed to the foods in the market as well as the lifestyle. Highly processed foods are sources of empty calories that just add weight. Also, a lot of people are physically inactive since they are working on formal jobs in offices with a computer on a desk. That person is likely to add weight irrespective of whether he/she eats a lot or not.

Drinking Amla juice is beneficial with respect to weight loss in the following ways: It boosts the metabolic activity of the body making it effective. As a result, all the food components are broken up appropriately. It also makes a person fuller for longer, and this reduces the urgency to eat too often. This by implication will lead to weight loss.It also helps protect the liver making sure the many reactions of the body run smoothly.

  1. It boosts the metabolic activity of the body making it effective. As a result, all the food components are broken up appropriately. It also makes a person fuller for longer, and this reduces the urgency to eat too often. This by implication will lead to weight loss.
  2. It also helps protect the liver making sure the many reactions of the body run smoothly.alma for metabolism
  3. It helps in breaking down proteins at a faster rate
  4. Amla contains many detoxifying agents that help to clear the digestive tract, and this easily leads to weight loss. By the way, a human colon can hold 8-meals before the pressure starts to press you.
  5. It offers a continuous flow of energy. As such, even if you are hitting the gym, you won’t get weary before burning any significant calories. Toxins also make the body to tire easily. After elimination, you can work for longer.

Other Amla benefits worth mentioning

The surprising health benefits of Amla keep astonishing us all. This is the reason why Amla is a commonly used natural remedy in homes. Consuming amla helps you lower glucose levels, prevents heart disease controls cholesterol levels, destroys cancer cells, has immense skin care and hair care benefits among other things. The gooseberry benefits seem to go on forever. Eating amla clearly is one of the top to do list things for me! Here we describe some of the many other benefits of amla extract that are sure to leave you astounded.

  1. It promotes longevity due to its anti-aging properties
  2. It helps to develop the reproductive tissues. In women, it helps to regularize the monthly periods as well as strengthen the uterus. In men, it helps to reduce impotence and increases sperm count.
  3. Due to its high inflammatory properties, it is effective for patients with arthritis
  4. Its high antioxidant properties help protect the eye retina and thus preventing it from oxidative stressAmla Benefits
  5. It also improves eyesight
  6. Few drops of Amla juice in the nostril will stop and cure bleeding.
  7. Helps in the digestion process of hard to digest carbohydrates.
  8. Amla supplementation also aids in the purification of blood, reduces the toxin levels in the blood and helps strengthen the red blood cell, boosting your circulation.
  9. It prevents the brain cells from free radical damage from oxidation helping prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
  10. It helps in building and strengthening the heart muscles
  11. It’s good for memory and concentration and improves cognitive function
  12. It is also great for reducing uric acid in the body which is useful for preventing chronic joint diseases and improving kidney function.
  13. Mixing it with food helps in the digestive system as well as clearing the irritable bowel syndrome. It ensures there is no constipation or diarrhea when passing stool. The benefits of Amla powder also helps in stabilizing the ph levels in the stomach. This prevents ulcers
  14. You can use it as a detoxifying agent and works excellently when mixed with honey. Mixing the same with radish is effective in breaking kidney stones. Amla improved kidney functions and purified the blood for which its extract is immensely popular.
  15. It is an appetite booster especially when taken with honey which is due to the influence on blood glucose levels and blood sugar levels.
  16. It improves the health of all the respiratory organs in general.
  17. It’s a rich source of vitamin c, to get a clear comparison, a glass of Amla juice contains 2o times the amount of VIT C in a glass of orange juice.
  18. Contains high levels of flavonoids, potassium, calcium, iron, anthocyanin

Start your health wellness journey with the above Amla benefits

Comsuming Amla fruit in whatever form is essential as you have seen from the aforementioned points. All those Amla benefits can save you a lot in terms of curing the conditions that it prevents. Amla oil benefits make it one of the best oils to use in cooking as well as a topping agent. Get started on the right footing with Amla.

The final take:

The regular consumption of Amla has almost un-exhaustive benefits. It is one of the super foods that contains high levels of Vitamins like, A, B, C, E, and K. It contains gallic acid among other things which gives it its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties makes it the best remedy for a variety of skin disorders. This property also helps slow down the aging process, making you look young. It is also immensely useful for preventing diseases as it boosts immunity. Eating the fruit raw, as a juice, or as dried Amla has the same nutritional benefits since processing or drying does not affect its nutritional components. Amla juice benefits for weight loss are also elements that make it a favorite fruit for those in dire need to lose weight. Clearly the benefits of Indian Gooseberries are outstanding. Amla fruit should be at the top of your most favorite fruits.