All You Need To Know About the GM Diet

Health and productivity are two things that move hand in hand. A company will likely retain the most productive employees in case there is need to reduce the workforce. What if the company is growing and always increasing its workforce? It has to devise a way to make its employees productive. These scenarios led to the invention of the GM diet; the initials mean the General Motors Diet.

The GM diet has been around for more than three decades, and it became popular since its implementation by the general motor vehicle corporation in collaboration with the US Department of agriculture. The diet is FDA approved, and this further gives it the reliability a weight loss diet should have. The general motor diet made the employees healthier, confident and had high energy to execute their expected duties efficiently.

What does the GM diet involve?

The diet involves eating a variety of carbohydrates, low-calorie vegetables, fruits and sufficient intake of water in seven consecutive days. The diet plan is against exercise for the first three days of starting, but after that, it is optional on whether to involve in exercising or not. Proponents of the dieting plan argue that you can lose up to 15 pounds in one week. You can repeat the diet cycles multiple times until you get the desired results. However, you should take a break of approximately five days between cycles.

Does the GM diet work?

There is no doubt this diet works for people looking to lose weight, but the effects are not long term. Since it relies on a crash diet to lose weight, once you go back to your regular life, there is a likely hood of gaining back some pounds. To curb this effectively; it is advisable to practice the GM dieting plan regularly but definitely not consistently.

What to eat on the GM diet

The GM diet follows a general format seven days plan that leaves a lot of freedom on what to eat within the recommended group of foods in any particular day. Let’s look at the recommended dieting guideline to follow on a GM diet plan:

Day 1:

Eat fruits only except bananas. There is no specific quantity of fruits to consume. However, watermelons and cantaloupe are highly recommended. The main aim of the day is to consume as much fiber as possible. The fibers keep you full for long and thus reduce the urge to eat. Fruits are also low in fats while the 8 glasses of water intake help to flush out toxins.The GM Diet

Day 2:

Eat only vegetables irrespective of whether you eat them cooked or in raw form but do not add oil. To get started in the morning, eat a plate of boiled potatoes. There is no quantity specification on the amount of vegetables to eat, but abundance is recommended. The vegetable only diet has all the nutrients required for body sustenance. The idea behind this day is to revitalize the body after a carbs deficit day and also prepare it for the third day of the GM diet plan.

Day 3:

The GM DietThis is the day to combine day one and two. Eat only fruits and vegetables in exception of bananas and highly starchy foods like potatoes. You should substitute most of what you took on day one and two to break the monotony of first-day fruits and second-day veggies. However, there is no harm in sticking to whatever you took on the previous two days as long as you avoid the foods mentioned above. The target of the day is to replenish your body with as many nutrients and fibers as possible.

Day 4:

On this day, eat only bananas and plenty of milk. Three glasses of milk and six large bananas are appropriate. However, if you are eating small bananas; you can eat up to eight. Bananas provide instant energy to the body as well as pectin which helps in the digestion. The milk provides calcium and potassium required for proper bone development. On this day start doing some exercises although even on the previous days, light exercises are not prohibited, but due to low carbs diets on those days, exercising will make you extremely weak.The GM Diet

Day 5:

This is your feast day; you should eat at least six tomatoes and ample proteins. There is no specificity on what proteins to eat, and this is your day to eat something delicious at last. However, fish, chicken, and turkey are the recommended source of proteins. Also, drink at least 12 glasses of water to clear the excess uric acid produced. It’s the day you are required the largest quantity of water. The chickens should be skinless and rice for this day should be brown.

Day 6:

Eat only proteins and vegetables. You can also eat a cup of brown rice and as much soup as possible. The vegetables are boiled not fried, and the salads should have no heavy dressings. Avoid tomatoes and potatoes on this day.

Day 7:

This is the last day of the GM diet plan. You should only eat a cup of brown rice, vegetables, fruits and unsweetened juices. There is no specificity on this menu too as long as you remain within the recommended group of foods. The fruit juice will help to flush out toxins, keep water consumption high on this day.

Other guidelines to help you achieve the desired results with the GM diet

The GM diet is not such restrictive, but there are some guidelines to follow if you want to get the best results.

  • Avoid taking beans since they are high in calories
  • Avoid Calorie filled beverages like soda and alcohol. Drink Coffee and green tea but only without the additional sweeteners
  • For the vegetarians, they can substitute the animal products in the diet plan with the appropriate products. For example, replace animal milk with soy milk or even use vegan cheese instead of regular ones.
  • After the GM diet, follow a high protein low-calorie diet.

Major challenges associated with the GM diets

  • Due to the freedom to choose on what to eat in most of the days within the diet plan schedule, there is a great variation on menu items to eat on every author’s list. This can lead to some confusions and contradictions.
  • Research and science journals argue that it losing one pound of body weight requires a calorie deficit of up to 3500 calories in a week. The GM diet claims have been termed unrealistic and the weight loss attributed to water, fluid, and glycogen loss. These three elements can be easily shed, and in the same way, they can also be regained back if the particular diet is abandoned.
  • You can experience headaches, general body weakness, nausea, hair loss, and dry skin condition.
  • The restrictive nature of the diet plan makes it unsustainable in the long run since it can lead to serious deficiencies of some important minerals and nutrients.
  • The dieting plan is not applicable to all; it does not accommodate children, pregnant mothers, as well as people with special conditions or chronic ailments.
  • The GM diet slows down metabolism, and this can lead to digestive system problems once you resume your normal life away from the GM diet restrictions.
  • The GM dieting plans overlook the impacts of exercise in weight loss efforts. There is no better way to lose body fat other than exercising. The main objective of any weight loss plan should be to burn body fat and not losing any weight.
  • The monotony associated with this diet can kill the morale to carry on with the dieting plan or aggravate stress levels.

What to reduce or avoid in a GM diet plan:

These might include the following:

  • Eat banana as a fruit for only one day, avoid it in all the other daysThe GM Diet
  • Avoid beans, meat, lentils, mushroom, and eggs as a source of protein
  • Limit oil intake and specifically avoid margarine, butter, and lard/pork
  • Avoid foods rich in carbohydrates or those with high levels of starch
  • Fatty dairy products like cheese, full-fat milk, and yogurts
  • Beverages like smoothies, sweetened juices, alcohols, and soda. Stick to water if possible for hydration and quenching thirst.

What to know and remember about the GM diets

The dieting plan follows a seven-day schedule with a recommendation of a group of food items to choose from on what to eat every day. In all the days, drink ample water and vegetable soups. Avoid sweetened beverages in the course of seven days, but you can always drink substitute products to reduce boredom and monotony of following a tight schedule.
It is highly-important to follow all the instructions and Buy Phentermine precautions indicated.

Exercises are not prohibited although they are not recommended in the first three days since the body will be running on low energy giving foods. Exercising on low carbs diets is strenuous and can lead to unnecessary health complications. Due to these limitations on other activities, do not follow a GM diet continuously as this can compromise immunity, bone and muscle development. In fact, before starting on any dieting plan, always consult your nutritionist or personal doctor.




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